Ready-made Bible quilt fabric

Bible Storying Cloth Scarf

Missionaries developed this Bible story cloth to use to teach Bible lessons to oral learners in Africa. The cloth is approximately 40″ X 33″ and would be reasonably simple to make into a quilt or wall hanging. This cloth can be purchased at the link: IMB Resource Center. A printed story sheet comes with the fabric to help tell the stories represented on the cloth.

Update and a link to a crayon coloring tips URL

Progress is very slow for me on coming up with simpler ideas for making Bible quilts. I am experimenting with SetaColor textile paints and hope this will offer new options for my quilt blocks. But I’m still a beginner with painting.

I discovered some really nice work with crayon colored quilts on Pinterest and wanted to share this link with you:

She isn’t necessarily into Bible but her techniques are good. She also uses embroidery on her quilt blocks.

Catching up

I can’t believe it has been so long since my last post. Bible quilts are continually on my mind, but since I’m not the artist who can draw the coloring pages, I’m unable to crank out a lot of new stuff. Most of my pictures correspond with the Bible storybooks I am working on. I am still praying for artists who will share my vision for getting Bible quilts on Children’s beds.

My latest project is the story of Jonah. I’ve come up with a few layouts for these pictures, but have a long way to go before I will start sewing on them. I’ve included one of the Jonah layout ideas with this post.

I’ve also been sewing a banner using the pictures from The First Christmas Coloring Pages. This project was completed with the help of the youth at my church. I’ll post a picture when it is finished.

I am swallowing hard today as I venture into something new. I ordered a set of quality textile paints that I hope will help me create some of the details I’ve wanted to add that are too tiny to applique – such as the beak on the dove in my header, and some of the smaller animals on Noah’s Ark. Can you imagine mice and elephants in the same appliqued quilt block? I’m eagerly waiting for the paints to come in the mail. I’m also praying I will be able to develop the skill needed to use them well.