Miriam Higginson’s In the Beginning Bible Quilt

Bible Quilt by Miriam Higginson

I did a search on Google to see what Bible quilts I might find. This beautiful quilt was stitched by Miriam Higginson about ten years ago as a wedding gift to her daugher. It was made from a borrowed pattern so we regret that we are unable to locate or pass along purchasing information for this pattern.

Click on the picture to find Miriam Higginson’s blog and the article she posted about her In The Beginning Bible quilt.

New coloring pages

We have two new coloring pages by Violet Vandor on the Easter theme. One is of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem the Sunday before he was crucified. The second is of Jesus carrying his cross. She is currently working on two more pictures to add to our collection.

Jesus Entering Jerusalem

Jesus Entering Jerusalem copyright 2012 by Violet Vandor

Jesus Carrying His Cross copyright 2012 by Violet Vandor