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I have been teaching myself to hand appliqué quilt blocks for about five years. My motivation was to make a Bible quilt and at the same time create illustrations for Bible storybooks that I wanted to write. My first book, The Creation, was published in August 2011.

My vision for this project is for children to have Bible quilts and seeing the pictures they point to them and ask to hear the story read or told. I believe Bible quilts can become catalysts that will encourage family devotions and Bible reading.

Through this blog I hope to stimulate an interest in creating Bible quilts among parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles of children everywhere. I would also like to build a support group with other quilters to further stimulate the concept of making Bible quilts.

So far I have only been able to offer coloring pages to help people get started making their own Bible quilts. Since I do not have sufficient talent to make the coloring pages myself, I must charge for the coloring page sets so the illustrators can be paid. My pockets are too shallow to pay them up front.

For this reason I am adding a PayPal button hoping God will lead a few individuals to contribute funds to pay my illustrators to create coloring pages that can be posted to the website and downloaded for free. All donations will be used to pay artists for coloring pages that will be offered for free on BibleQuilts.com. It costs $25 – $30 per coloring page to have the pictures drawn.


Janice D. GreenJanice D. Green
Author, illustrator, and publisher
Honeycomb Adventures Press, LLC



About BibleQuilts — 6 Comments

  1. You’re doing a great job. I have started making bible story quilts for our missionaries to India to use in their story telling and I really enjoy doing something worthwhile.

    • Pat,
      Thank you for your post. What wonderful memories you must have. If you have any pictures of your Bible quilts I would love to put them up on my blog to encourage others to try it. That is why I set up a showcase page for my readers’ pictures.

  2. Hi Janice!
    Thank you for the invite to check out your blog! I think this is a wonderful idea! How very creative … quilts that tell the stories of the Bible!!! I will be subscribing to your blog and have added your blog to my favs, putting it near the top of the list for easy access to clicking on it.

    • I’m too slow at applique to think about making these for sale. I am brainstorming for a way to do Bible quilts that can be sold. This blog is my think tank. Maybe someone will come along with some helpful suggestions that may make it possible. I consider Bible Quilts a ministry of ideas, not a business.

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