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Printed fabrics are now available.

First Christmas Tablecloth

Circular arrangement of The First Christmas printed on fabric. Other arrangements are also available.

Illustrator Violet Vandor also colored all of the drawings and we now have them available as ready to use fabrics for quilt-tops, wall hangings, Christmas tree skirts, table cloths, and whatever else people think of for these beautiful illustrations. I just realized that the Christmas tree skirt could easily be made into a child’s circular skirt for Christmas with a little sewing savvy. Click here to order fabrics of The First Christmas.



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  2. My daughter is interested in having me make a Biblical Advent Calendar quilt for my young granddaughter. Do you have any suggestions on where I could possible find a printed fabric for this?

    • I don’t know of any. You might be able to use a good print image of the painting and have it printed on fabric. should let you do that. The painting is old enough you shouldn’t have to worry about copyright apart from getting the photographer’s permission to use his image. It is doable.

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