Debra Gabel’s In The Beginning Quilt

In The Beginning by Debra GabelDebra Gabel designed and created this appliqued Old Testament Bible quilt, In The Beginning, in 2005. Debra has an online pattern website called This quilt pattern is available as individual “block-of-the-month” pieces or as a whole quilt. She plans to offer a New Testament quilt in the near future. Click on the quilt picture to go to order this quilt pattern on her website.

The names of the blocks in this quilt are:

  1. Creation
  2. Temptation
  3. Noah’s Ark
  4. Tower of Babel
  5. Abraham’s Sacrifice
  6. Moses in the Nile
  7. Passover
  8. Joseph’s Coat
  9. Burning Bush
  10. Ten Commandments
  11. Solomon’s Temple
  12. Jonah and the Whale


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