Coming soon: Creation Coloring Book

Coloring pages to make quilt blocks of the Genesis account of creation.

My picture book The Creation is finished and is available through (click to order). It will also be available in bookstores everywhere, once the store owners order it from their catalogs. As a first-time author, it will take some promotion to get it noticed, so feel free to help me out by asking for it. :-)

Hexagon quilts tutorial(s)

I am making hexagon quilts because the theme of my Bible storybooks is based on the honeycomb. I do NOT recommend this for beginners. I am getting ready to cut out sashing and sew my hexagon quilt together using the appliqued hexagon shaped pieces I stitched as illustrations for my book The Creation. Now I am biting my fingernails figuratively speaking and looking for tutorials on how to sew a hexagon quilt together. In the event others will wish to try this approach to making Bible quilts, I want to post the tutorials and helps I find here as I work my way through putting this quilt together. I will continue to add to and revise this post as I go along. I hope if any of my readers find this and have suggestions they will post them as comments.

Here is a tutorial for putting together a hexagon quilt. My first reaction to this is that I can’t use it because I am adding sashing to my quilt, but I haven’t found any directions for a sashed hexagon quilt yet so I’ll save it here. I may add my sashing differently and still use this approach. Kay Wood’s tutorial on making a hexagon quilt.  She does offer a unique way to cut out hexagon pieces that could come in handy in creating future hexagon quilt background pieces.

Here is another tutorial on doing set in seams. It includes tips on sashing a quilt with points, but it is not a hexagon quilt. American Quilters Magazine – Set-in Seams .

I came across another tutorial for a way to assemble the hexagon pieces by hand. It would be time consuming, but may be easier to manage. Quilt Pattern – English Paper Piecing Basics.