Fabric printer sheets for quilting

With the hope of more Bible coloring pages for our Bible Quilts blog running through my mind, I was thrilled to stumble across quilter Margie Campbell post today. She was sharing instructions with a quilting group on LinkedIn about how to create fabric printer sheets that can be passed through a computer printer to make quilt block pictures.

I can think of several ways this technique could be useful in making Bible quilts.

  1. You can print coloring pages instead of tracing them for the children to color.
  2. You can scan the pictures children color on paper coloring pages. Then print their artwork directly on the fabric, color and all.
  3. You can find Bible pictures and print them on the fabric. You may have some copyright issues to deal with if you go this route.

Margie offered to share her blog post which explains how she makes her own printer fabric using cotton fabric, freezer paper, and two liquids – Bubble Jet Set 2000 and Bubble Jet Set Rinse. Click here to read her blog post.

A big thank you to Margie for sharing this information with us.



Fabric printer sheets for quilting — 1 Comment

  1. I learned of another website that had directions on how to make the Bubble Jet solution from scratch. This website treated the chemicals fairly casually but another website referred to the same recipe and insisted on wearing gloves and working in a well ventilated room. I’m still left wondering about the second solution since it wasn’t mentioned by either website. I have not tried this so I can’t offer any recommendations on safety or whether it works. I’m only passing what I’ve found to the quilters’ “think tank” for mulling over.

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